IPv6 in SmartOS

Comprehensive article on enabling IPv6 in SmartOS vm guests: https://digitalelf.net/2014/10/ipv6-the-smartos-way/ »

Remember dump and swap when sizing storage

Remember to reserve space for swap and for dump when designing the storage for a system. In general, you'll need to reserve space on the primary »

A useful cheat-sheet

A useful cheat sheet of SmartOS commands not unlike one I might have prepared myself: http://marclop.svbtle.com/smartos-cheat-sheet »

UniFi controller on SmartOS guest

This works with the provided mongodb and openjdk7 packages. Mongodb depends on LC_ALL being set to 'C', which is not the default. After symlinking /opt »

UniFi Video on SmartOS via Debian

# Install a Debian 7 image: imgadm import 2d1df15c-d2ef-11e4-b9dd-1f436f2c33c9 # Configure a Debian 7 vm ... # Create a zvol for video zfs create -V 1T zones/<uuid> »