Quickly update VM IP addresses

This script accepts a UUID and one or more new IPv4 addresses, stops the VM, changes the IP address, and starts the VM: https://gist.github »

Move the CrashPlan cache directory

If you leave the CrashPlan cache file at its default location and your system volume is small, it can fill up your system volume and stop »

Saltstack on SmartOS

Packages are available from Joyent for both salt-master and salt-minion (packaged together as simply 'salt'). Service manifests are not provided. Salt comes preconfigured with 'loghost' for »

Hardware details from smbios

To get detailed data about installed hardware, including CPU model and speed, RAM capacity and memory speed, device model numbers and serial numbers, and just about »

Migrate from VirtualBox to kvm on SmartOS

Moving Windows Server virtual machines from VirtualBox to kvm seems to have been relatively straightforward. Compatible interfaces helps. Moving the data is a simple matter of »