UniFi Video on SmartOS via Debian

# Install a Debian 7 image:
imgadm import 2d1df15c-d2ef-11e4-b9dd-1f436f2c33c9

# Configure a Debian 7 vm

# Create a zvol for video
zfs create -V 1T zones/<uuid>-disk1

# Add it to the VM:
vi nvr-add-disk1.json  
  "add_disks": [
      "nocreate": true,
      "boot": false,
      "model": "virtio",
      "media": "disk",
      "path": "/dev/zvol/rdsk/zones/<uuid>-disk1",
      "size": 1099510

vmadm update <uuid> -f nvr-add-disk1.json

# Log in and format it


# Install the UniFi NVR software .deb: 
curl -OL http://dl.ubnt.com/firmwares/unifi-video/3.1.1/unifi-video_3.1.1~Debian7_amd64.deb