Nothing is wrong with this site.


My CDN is not down. My site is not misconfigured. My assets aren’t not-loading.

This site is just plain HTML.

Are you here for setup notes, or are you here to load mountains of CSS and Javascript and useless hero images larger in size than the content itself, several times over?

Your web browser already gives you all the controls required to navigate this site. Click a link to go forward, click your “back” button to go back.

I had been hosting this site on a vm running Ghost. Ghost is very nice. Ghost requires updates and themes and maintenance, however, and maintaining a blog platform is not an activity that advances the objective of capturing things I want to be able to Google and find one day.

The point of this project is to collect some notes from working on SmartOS systems, so I have set aside anything not related to doing that.

With Github Pages, adding a note is as simple as typing in a text file (which is what I did as an administrator, long before “blog” was a word) and committing to the repository (which I don’t mind doing, as source control is terribly valuable).

Because it is Github Pages, I follow Jekyll conventions so that Github can do the work of assembling the final HTML documents. I don’t particularly care for Jekyll, but it’s what Github uses, and as long it’s their problem, it doesn’t matter whether I care for it.

So now, this project is now an exercise in using fit-for-purpose tools: a text editor, a git client, and plain HTML. Enjoy.