Monitor APC UPS with Monit

Monitor your UPS with monit and apcupsd, using an sh one-liner. Example monit config: check program ups with path "/usr/bin/sh -c 'STATUS=`/opt/local »

Replace a failed disk

SmartOS automatically disconnects a disk that has thrown too many errors, but you have to replace it yourself. You'll need to manually identify the failed disk »

Install Docker and Triton on macOS

By default, the Mac does not come with quite everything you need in order to install the Joyent Triton command-line tools, and Joyent's web site tends »

Enable IPv6 in SmartOS global zone

# Get the name of the link you want to enable IPv6 on: dladm show-link # Enable neighbor discovery protocol: svcadm enable ndp # Create the IPv6 interface: ipadm »

Migrate guest from CentOS to SmartOS

It's easy. First, convert the image on the CentOS host to raw format, if it isn't in that already. SmartOS does not support qcow2 version 3 »